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Technically, there are 3. You are forgetting hermaphrodite. Someone born with both reproductive systems. They are however extremely rare.

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Swinging fetish compound
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Viktilar 16.03.2018
what's wrong with that?
Teramar 20.03.2018
Doing as well as this old soldier can, ghost (my wolf) is at my side, bad weather must be on the horizon....I hope not.
Dorisar 25.03.2018
Are you a protester church believer or the original Church follower?
Groramar 03.04.2018
Probably because the MSM doesn't cover insane nonsense.
Douzuru 12.04.2018
"I don't have to do research." The useful idiot motto.
Mazurisar 17.04.2018
The evil homophobes and transphobes are in it for financial gain.
Maushakar 20.04.2018
I once participated in a spontaneous orgy minutes before picking up my SO at the airport. So there's that.
Dasar 27.04.2018
Its straight forward. Knowledge of GOD is not found in any religion. It was my hunger to know who GOD is, and to find the kingdom, that led me away from religion, and their bible, to seek HIM out. Its so simple to understand.

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