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Ah. So "The Bible is not filled with contradictions if we will ignore them". That's your answer, I take it.

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Oral auditon
Oral auditon
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Yor 18.07.2018
They work hand in hand with Democrats
Brataxe 23.07.2018
Go with a flawed fairytail surely you have a better suggestion then that.
Voodooktilar 02.08.2018
Yes Mr Cohen plead guilty that makes Mr. Cohen guilty but doesn?t make Mr Trump guilty. A guilty plea is that, a plea of your guilt, you can?t plea others guilty. Here in the USA we require someone to plea guilty or be convicted by a jury before announcing their guilt.
Togul 02.08.2018
My BSBA, MBA, Ph.D, CMA, CFM, CPA, 50 yrs in business. Voodoo dolls would be nice though.
Tuk 12.08.2018
Well I'm glad your here though. Enjoy having you around.
Taura 19.08.2018
The funny thing is, if you look at my discussion I draw mostly. I do photography too, write sometimes. I have creative outlets, and I have been diagnosed with depression. People I work with know what I am going through at home, and do nothing and say nothing. Life isn't some type of dream where everything goes right, and all the right things are said. I don't get mad, actually. I am laid back. What it boils down to, is the lack of understanding of said situation. Or I guess lack of context would be more appropriate.
Durisar 24.08.2018
And the greatest delusion of all .... climate change is a liberal hoax!!
Voodoogul 01.09.2018
The reasons are really irrelevant.
Nikom 03.09.2018
It also gives you a general sense of the lingo, too. When you read headlines promising time travel or some new impossible boondoggle, you can tell immediately if you are being told what the paper says or what the media person

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