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That was a high-point in modern politics. There are not many.

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Mother and son real amateur home
Mother and son real amateur home
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Tausida 27.03.2018
There are other solutions than fascism.
Digar 31.03.2018
ahhhhh all the mass shootings WE HAVE HAD in Jax have been black gang related - there was a mass shooting at a high school football game last week.
Sagami 05.04.2018
It used to be used in philosophy as an example of a statement that was true, but couldn't be proved, then they discovered Australia.
Daimi 15.04.2018
If there was a scintilla of evidence that Hillary Clinton engaged in criminal activity, this Republican Justice Department would be all over it. They are not because there is, and never, was evidence she committed any crimes.
Voodoorisar 20.04.2018
Absolutely. Check out his video.

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