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As a general rule I think that things start simply adapt to change and become more complex. If I remember correctly things as simple as viruses are under some circumstances are almost like organic chemicals and under other circumstances become living and self replicating.

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Kajijinn 19.05.2018
Yeah right ...I'm jealous....of your stupid ass...
Dougar 26.05.2018
Not really sure how you think it was different. And sadly, it was a good 75 years AFTER this nation was founded on the idea that all men are created equal that this idea finally 'took root', which was decades later than most all Western societies. In fact, many Southern slave owners quoted the bible in an attempt to justify owning their slaves.
Yokus 01.06.2018
And then there?s ?where you at??
Malajind 06.06.2018
Okay. I believe you are asking for a definition of the first "human" as we commonly think of humans, i.e. not Adam and Eve.
Gukasa 14.06.2018
Think about Michael Cohen for a minute - he's been doing Trump's dirtiest work for decades. He's worked with Russian mafia figures on the Trump Moscow deal. He worked to Mike Flynn to establish a back-channel to address a truce in Crimea (the reason for the sanctions). He's named in the Steele Dossier as the point person for the Russians (after Manafort left the campaign) to coordinate the cover-up. But Mueller hasn't so much as tried to speak with him, and he punted to SDNY on charges that could be used to make him cooperate in the probe. That adds up to Cohen being a target for the worst charges, and his SDNY plea doesn't change that in any way.
Kegul 17.06.2018
Pedo occurs with all kinds of groups and can certainly relate to people with control issues. Anytime you put someone in a position of embodying an unquestionable truth this occurs. I could have suggested humanity just give up untenable organized religions but getting rid of as many sexual hangups as possible is at least tenable in my lifetime.
Arashisida 19.06.2018
There is really nothing wrong with our immigration system on how people enter the country.

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