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lift licks - Scene 5

I spent hours retelling this true story about the raging homo brunie and his also gay brother tommy. This story has many literary devices and a lot of figurative language. I hope you all came so hard that your screen was covered in the semen and you all licked it up like a dog licking up water out of his water bowl.

Anyway, thank you for reading my first masterpiece. There will be more to come.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑
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No, my brother though. ??

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Watch the video erotica
Watch the video erotica
Watch the video erotica
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Kitaxe 07.06.2018
I love nude beaches. Always was into au natural.
Kerr 13.06.2018
If he's gay, he should change parties. Same as if he's straight.
Meshicage 17.06.2018
OK, I think I can understand that POV.
Zujas 24.06.2018
Aren't they the ones that attacked innocent Muslims?

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