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Was Washington bled, or leeched? Know your quackery before you denounce it.

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Lick s nutritional information
Lick s nutritional information
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Dak 10.04.2018
Grrrr! ...Don't make me jelly! I see him noticing you now!
Mijind 15.04.2018
Sidebar to Captain...I'm curious about a couple phrases you've used a number of times. Thoughtstoppers and dealbreakers ( believe it was "dealbreaker"). Are these things you've come up with yourself, or do they come from a source I can review. They seem pretty self explanatory, but if there is more behind them, I'd be interested in understanding them more fully.
Nikogami 18.04.2018
Ewww ick...NO!!! I like boys!!! Unless sleeping in the same room with my sister when we were young..separate beds! lol
Tur 20.04.2018
Perfect!!! I had some lemonade can we count that?? ????
Faehn 21.04.2018
Does anybody seriously think that either Manafort or Cohen would have been indicted had Hillary been the President? No - this is an attempt to find someone willing to incriminate Donald Trump to justify Mueller's never-ending probe. Were Manafort and Cohen corrupt? Yes, but so are half the people in DC. Had Mueller shown half the interest in the Clinton campaign he's shown in the Trump campaign, I have no doubt he'd have turned up dozens of crimes (see Tony Podesta). Heck, if the Justice Department had wanted, they could have surely secured a felony conviction against Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence in securing top secret government communications.
Shaktimuro 25.04.2018
Technically, no one can legally knowingly lie in court. Honestly, the Defense has left themselves no wiggle room and appear heading down a very slipper slope. The Defense is clearly trying to go down the path that a Right to fair trial cannot be upheld. However, they can't commit perjury in the process.
Shanos 03.05.2018
look up and wave, my point just went over your head
Goltilar 08.05.2018
That is also logical sage advice.
Zulkir 10.05.2018
You got it! (So did Mr. J..)
Akinobei 17.05.2018
He came right out and said he refused to serve transgender people. That's not thought police, that's discrimination.

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