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No I just responded, you can lick your wounds and figure out how to get yourself out of the corner you just painted yourself in. Next time you try to call someone out on facts or wanting information you best try to make sure there isn't any first.

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Kemi 07.04.2018
Do you have an MDiv?
Kagrel 13.04.2018
I have written on this a great deal over the past few weeks. Do not feel like going through it all again. My profile is not private. So, if you would like more detail, peruse the more lengthy posts.
Mezicage 22.04.2018
I wish you the best!
Doulmaran 23.04.2018
You made a retort, indeed. I never made a retort, and at any rate, that's not the part that amuses me. You inquiring about my gender or sex or whatever you wanna call it is what amuses me. Plus your "I thought you were a female lesbian" bit hahahaha
Faukinos 28.04.2018
Are you a thong or bikini briefs gal?
Taushicage 01.05.2018
Yep do what u want as a private citizen and it's all good!
Gardalrajas 04.05.2018
How about changing the Republican Platform against providing the Ukaine with lethel defensive weapons against invading Russia? How about the Trump Tower meeting to get dirt on Hilary in exchange for lifted sanctions? How about the President, on national TV, ask the Russians for help in finding Hillary's E-Mails; and have Russian hackers invade Hillary's computers the same day? How about denying all our intelligence agencies findings of Russian meddling, and not say anything bad about Russia? How about a bipartisan bill to strengthen our election security, only to be blocked by the White House?
Faetilar 10.05.2018
"The OP makes good points,"
Volabar 20.05.2018
She was goooooddd

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