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You have it backwards. The question is how can you harm someone without abusing them? And I explained that with the example of vaccination. Just like punishing a child, the short term harm of the [edit: acceptable] punishment is not viewed as abuse because of the long term benefit of teaching acceptable behavior.

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Migis 04.05.2018
The biological reality is that human beings are insanely complex with tons of individual variation. Sometimes people are born with both sets of genitals. Sometimes men are born hyper-feminine with testicles embedded inside their body. And those are only some of the most physically obvious examples. The biological reality is that there is a ton of variety in sex traits, some differences far more easily detected than others.
Misho 05.05.2018
Do you believe in the creation story in the bible? OR do you believe it is incorrect, inaccurate, and flawed?
Vujora 07.05.2018
It seems everyone is having fun. The comments are over 300 already.
Mesho 17.05.2018
De nothing boo ??
Dor 25.05.2018
The bigotry of the OP is blatantly in the OP itself.
Mikahn 04.06.2018
The FSM is an vehicle for making a point, albeit in a most immature way. However, sometimes the absurdity of childish assertions placed alongside ones claimed by mainstream religions can be effective. The FSM offers not only immature mockery, but a platform for identifying hypocrisy.
Vogami 13.06.2018
Arch. I trust my perceptions because they interpret my experiences which in turn has allowed me to predict some future events and plan and benefit from me previous perceptions.
Nikojas 17.06.2018
"Trump's a pornstar f*cker who loves Neo-Nazis."
Mazutilar 24.06.2018
"Drug addiction, alcoholism, sadism, beastiality, mutilation, murder,
Kenos 02.07.2018
false. Per SCOTUS, they are equal; however, SCOTUS also says that "religious rights" must be reasonable. IE: To say my religious rights says I need to kill my daughter because of "honor killing" is NOT reasonable.

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