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What does that say about the people who lost to him and continue to lose?

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Family affair sex toy
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Ball 26.04.2018
NO, it's reality. Are you calling me a liar now?!?
Gukree 02.05.2018
What is your obsession with Clinton? Seriously, seek some therapy man.
Vogami 08.05.2018
Seems be be another standard cop-out.
Samutaxe 10.05.2018
what did Jesus look like? did he tell you that he is Jesus? if not how did you know?
Salrajas 18.05.2018
LOL. All of these so called news outlets are part of it. Where do you think the Military Industrial Complex, of which Eisenhower warned us, went to?
Tulmaran 26.05.2018
Every historian on the planet disagrees with you.
Yozragore 31.05.2018
What's the first thing that pops into your head when you look at these. Try and look at them one at a time
Mautaxe 08.06.2018
Not so. Cohen has testified that he paid Daniels, at his client's direction, to shut her up before the election.

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