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If you're citing Lott, as of course you are, he's been proven to be full of shit, and even he didn't have the stupidity to claim 97.8%.

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Dur 07.05.2018
Ok, see you later. A hug before you go
Bralkis 10.05.2018
I understand your point, and I answered it. Your point is factually incorrect. Back when there was a stigma attached to extramarital sex and pregnancy, people did it a lot less.
Yozshulmaran 14.05.2018
They make take our lives, but they'll never take over freedom!
Mataur 16.05.2018
No money asked for on this one.
Durr 23.05.2018
Christianity and "goddidit" are two entirely separate matters. What makes you think materials were involved - oh of course, you are a materialist - your mind is just the process of evolution on mindless material.
Fesar 27.05.2018
New page is created, I don't know when this one here will close, anytime soon...
JoJojind 29.05.2018
Definatly not. truth be told I dont fancy either of them.
Arasida 01.06.2018
And Clair Engle, of the same party, broke his filibuster. The lesson here, even partisans take a moment to wake up and put politics aside.
Yok 06.06.2018
No deflection. Face it, the statement of yours (which I quoted) warranted my response.

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