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Nakinos 18.05.2018
I agree. So much time is wasted on stupid things like dress codes (which make me cringe when I think of these teachers eyeing the student?s hemlines and necklines for infractions. Just invites pervs.). Have everyone wear the same thing, and then the focus is on learning.
Nigor 20.05.2018
Its Christianity as found in the Bible.
Balkis 25.05.2018
oh yeah ... from the rest of the family dad swore off alcohol in his early 20's
Vogor 31.05.2018
drooling *** haha nice .
Bagore 10.06.2018
"A non-transcendent God is Santa."
Kazirn 15.06.2018
A lot of what God tells the Jews not to do is because "you were once slaves yourselves" or "you were once foreigners". So whatever happened to them was not to happen from them toward others.

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