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When I'm angry, I try to ask myself "and then what?" before acting out. If the anger lingers, I like to go for a run or use my rowing machine.

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True stories about futfetishe Fetish
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Ooh, that's cute begging, but what did I say? ??
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Honestly I could have voted for 2000 MCcain. By 2008 with him going back on his liberty university statement, and Palin, and his out of touch statements on the economy, I couldn't. 2000 is when I really saw the republican party turn their nose up at their best nominee in favor of... well Bush. I think that was a turning point for the GOP.
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dont know who she is
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Go! Go like the wind, Veri!
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I don't know this one...*shrugs*
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The Lester Holt interview.
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What about it?
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Is that why many Christians support the death penalty?

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