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Religions only 'allow' those things that benefit the religion, it matters not, apparently, what God thinks or has said, the rules can be changed as long as the Church receives 'money' the true God of religions today is Material Gains.

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Masturbation Masturbation causes of testicular cancer
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Shakanris 26.03.2018
Well now, listen fella, you have no reason to fear for me. I can take care of myself...I ain't no pansy ya know!!!! :D
Moogunos 31.03.2018
Hell - anything was better than Obola!
Grobei 09.04.2018
haha they were freaky in the 60's ad 70' Kirk having sex with aliens .
Shaktizshura 14.04.2018
I once participated in a spontaneous orgy minutes before picking up my SO at the airport. So there's that.
Kigajora 19.04.2018
Incorrect.. atheism has nothing to do with paganism.. atheist believe in no gods, period..
Shaktikus 27.04.2018
I am in agreement with you on that one.
Nagrel 04.05.2018
Definitely convenient for those who attacked us.
Meziramar 08.05.2018
Did you reincarnate?
Voodooktilar 15.05.2018
You seem to be operating on the assumption that I've said something here that hasn't already been documented somewhere.
Daibar 16.05.2018
haha at least you wont have to worry about getting any STDS from her if you had sex with her right ? lol

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