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The rule is perfectly logical if one accepts that Jesus is really present ("the Real Presence") under the appearances of bread and wine. Just as the sacredness of the Black Hills was perfectly logical Native Americans who objected to General Custer's opening up of the Black Hills to the depredations of white gold miners.

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Epic Music Video Welcome to the world
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Visar 23.07.2018
No one cares. Keep your homophobia and transphobia in the bedroom, and get your own sex life.
Nidal 26.07.2018
I think you?re showing that the information in memes, much like books, is not all equal.
Tenos 28.07.2018
You are, of course, correct. The NRA bribed the government to threaten the CDC if they tried to fund those studies. Might cut into sales.
Tojind 29.07.2018
Depends on if they are using a more philosophical or colloquial usage of the term proof.
Togami 03.08.2018
One can do both. No reason not to.
Zolodal 11.08.2018
Let's not forget the Trade War that he said should be easy to win.

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