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You made a claim about atheists. That claim was a lie. I simply pointed out your lie.

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Albert stagette needs stripper
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Zuludal 13.03.2018
While I agree with you, I am referring to the claims of evangelical apologists, not Jehovah's Witnesses.
Fektilar 15.03.2018
Cheers M... luv ya work!
Dukazahn 24.03.2018
Any party tonight ?
Dashura 25.03.2018
Hehe. Well the tread comments stay open for seven days so he can stop by anytime. I already know he likes blondes.
Mezishakar 01.04.2018
in many cultures the distinction isn?t about the gender of your partner but the nature of the roles. The penetrator is the dominant role and the one being penetrated is the submissive role. In those cultures, that is the distinction that matters. The only distinction that matters here is the distinction between predator and prey. Between adult and child.
Danris 10.04.2018
The key is not to take things literally. An story handed down over hundreds of years before being recorded is prone to exaggeration. We all have stories from our childhood. It's interesting how two brother can have very different versions of some of those events. That is how much of the OT should be viewed.

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