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I thought that divorce and remarriage weren't allowed in the RC church?

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Vozshura 29.03.2018
Lolll I can't stop she's talking English like an Indian ... I'm dead I'm done
Togar 02.04.2018
Perhaps youre concentrating on too many things?
Sakus 07.04.2018
Slavery has a death sentence exodus 21 16. It can't get any clearer.
Kegul 12.04.2018
In acts it tells how the authority for Saul's ministry is in Isaiah, ever actually read it all? Basically, while old testament prophecy talks about a new covenant, Saul's ain't the one it's talking about. Saul was first sent out to convert Jews to Messianic Judaism, he failed, then he was sent out to gentiles, and he failed, until he created this wonderful new covenant. Jesus knew the prophecy, the real apostles knew the prophecy, They tried to fulfill it, because they knew it. Saul either didn't or he wanted a support base, and lied. In the end, The church of Jerusalem that the apostles built was scattered to the winds by the Romans, Several apostles and James were killed, and the early Saul inspired church thrived and soon far outnumbered the original Christians, with his lowered bar, and was free to write the history.There is NO prophecy in the old testament that references Saul's new covenant, and the one he claims did, plain azz doesn't. In the three hundreds gentile priests incited a gentile riot which killed or put to flight the last followers of the Church of Jerusalem surviving in Rome, and burnt their temples. I wonder why. Do the words "Until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or tittle.. ." ring a bell for you?
Bratilar 21.04.2018
I'd wager there are a lot of Europeans who would take serious issue with that assessment.
Moogura 29.04.2018
they engaged in consensual love-making. where do you get predator out of that?
Goltikora 02.05.2018
Meh... I?m over it ?????? gold digger??????
Gudal 06.05.2018
Not that it matters, but I would say don?t do it.

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