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How can you falsify the statement that there are no invisible people talking to schizophrenics? That's not really necessary in order to be absolutely certain that a totally silly idea with no substantiation is untrue.

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La erotic festival
La erotic festival
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Kazishakar 06.03.2018
Illegal immigrants are MUCH less likely to commit violent crimes than American citizens. That's fact.
Dulkis 08.03.2018
Didn't he just effectively answer that? He doesn't believe there's a "why" or see a need for one.
Tojakasa 13.03.2018
It's an illogical statement because the assumption by trump worshipers is that all "illegal immigrant's" cause crime and that crime would be prevented by getting rid of them. As others have pointed out in this discourse, that isn't really true since the crime rates are higher with citizens than "illegals."

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