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"Does the universe have purpose? Or is it purposeless and it is only us who give it purpose?"

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Hot naked redhead free video Redhead
Hot naked redhead free video Redhead
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Shakarisar 21.03.2018
Hahahaha close to cooties
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And you obviously think that the government is the collective parent of society.
Mazugis 03.04.2018
Oh, and for the record, the 2nd doesn't give you a "right to buy" a gun.
Minris 06.04.2018
no one wins. we all just die a little on the inside.
Faern 16.04.2018
Shouldn't there be a wood chipper in there somewhere? ;-D
Tagul 23.04.2018
They can here in Canberra. There was a vote for it. I thought it wrong to vote on the issue. Nothing to do with anyone else what goes on in other peoples bedrooms if consensual.??
Mejar 29.04.2018
Sports help... A?s 2 up on Astro?s ????????????
Braramar 01.05.2018
Yes, those evil leftists like Hitler and Mussolini. Oh, wait. They were right-wing.
Tozahn 05.05.2018
"You are conflating two separate things: sexual behavior and sexual orientation."

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