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Once again you do nothing but talk smack. Another lie and another useless statement without any actual facts. Talk about being high on power, and himself.

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Chick and teenagers, having a bath
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Shashicage 19.03.2018
Isn't it weird how gods never write books - only men do. Why is it that the supposed all-powerful creators of everything, can't write? YHWH didn't write the Torah - men did. Allah didn't write the Quran - men did. Brahma, Vishnu, and the other Hindu gods, didn't write the Bhagavad Gita or the Vedas - men did. Zeus didn't write any of his holy books - men did. And Jesus didn't write the bible - men did. So why can't gods write anything without the help of men? Do you think it is because they are ALL fictional? You already know that the thousands of other gods that you could choose to believe were real are fictional. Yet, the evidence supporting their existence is IDENTICAL to that supporting the existence of your god. The math really isn't that difficult: maybe your god didn't write his holy book for the exact same reason Zeus didn't write his holy books. What do you think?
Kazrataxe 22.03.2018
"Misery loves company" is the parenthetical creed of the declared atheist.
Yozshuzil 25.03.2018
You just proved my point by the way. Its not a choice if its a matter of one person's death over the other. That's oppression. That's Sophie's choice.
Taull 04.04.2018
I rarely tweet back to Trump but I told him he needs to get a job. Dude has too much time on his hands.
Vojin 05.04.2018
Sure it was. Originally you just said "Sam was born a Christian." Thus my response.
Zulugore 14.04.2018
Answer these 3 questions
Nelrajas 20.04.2018
go cry into your pillow and perhaps reality will magically change for you. LOL
Zulubar 26.04.2018
And you know this how? And would you turn away cisgender women who have a 5 o'clock shadow? I know a few.

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