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Tommy, crying, knew what he had to do. He reached up his young brother's dead asshole and pulled out a hand full of his bext shit. "I love you brother!" Tommy screamed as he swallowed his dead brothers shit and died.

THE END. Very good, right. This is a tale of a young boy named Brunie. There once was a 12 year old boy named Brunie.

Brunie always considered himself mature for his age and always tried to act this way. He would often masturbate and drink alcohol. One day, Brunie was alone in his room, masturbating of course.

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"Some people see an old building with graffiti and think vandalism and crime"

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Any time, sweetie!
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Wisdom is the rarest quality of all - the ability to combine intellect, knowledge, experience, and judgement in a way to produce a coherent understanding. Wisdom is the fulfillment of the ancient admonition, "with all your getting, get understanding." Wisdom requires self-discipline and a an understanding of the realities of the world, including the limitations of one's own experience and of reason itself. The opposite of high intellect is dullness or slowness, but the opposite of wisdom is foolishness, which is far more dangerous.
Migami 09.05.2018
Trump will file so many defamation lawsuits after being president that he may own alot of these news companies...
Molar 18.05.2018
Good luck Paul
Samulkree 26.05.2018
It's PR. The lawsuit will go nowhere, meanwhile free publicity for Tyler.
Nikolrajas 28.05.2018
So when does Gestapo Muller excavate Trumps mom's grave ?
JoJorisar 31.05.2018
I love your faith and attitude... You're such an inspiration ?
Maukora 03.06.2018
Lol same as u
Neshura 11.06.2018
After the blue tsunami hits in November, you?ll be saying the GOP should?ve confronted this liability instead of hiding from it. They?re nothing but a bunch of cowards, and they?re gonna pay a price for it.

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