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No, they weren't. Sorry you don't like it. (shrug)

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Photos male faces hair styles
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Arashigul 07.07.2018
Blame Obama, that was on his watch.
Zolokus 12.07.2018
Its just a "word" .... who told you it was bad?
Mushicage 15.07.2018
A human "begins" its life when it is conceived. That doesn't mean it isn't living before it is born, nor does it mean it isn't a member of the human species before it is born.
Yojora 21.07.2018
I have a zero alc tolerance. When I'm out with others, I usually get non-alc things. It's really annoying when others make fun of me for that or even get rude.
Kazirg 27.07.2018
Kinda reminds me of when the far left blames an ?assault weapon?. All hell breaks loose.
Mikagrel 28.07.2018
If only I'd known in 1967 when I was watching a disciplinary hearing at my college where the 3 self-proclaimed Christians who had ambushed and brutally assaulted me for the sin of inviting my black org chem lab partner to my dorm to study for a mid-term and cited Bible verses that they claimed justified their behavior that I'd need to be able to recall them in 2018... {sigh) {shrug}
Shaktilmaran 03.08.2018
No there isn't. You can't even post the citations to the scientific papers that put forth this "theory" of ID. Do you know why? Because it doesn't exist.

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