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The writing of historians. This is called anecdotal evidence.

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Lesbiyanki neibors, having sex
Lesbiyanki neibors, having sex
Lesbiyanki neibors, having sex
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There is no transitional fossil for man. They call it the common ancestor and it does not exist.
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Judges. I think Acts was a little later... But yes, the Bible books were not written in order. It's one of many things that the Koran and Bible hold in common. I'd quite like a chronological version of the Koran. After Charlie Hebdo, my copy went in the fosse-septique. Page by page, day by day.
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Given that so much is written about confirms that there is a body of science that is considering it. That's all I've ever claimed.
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Talk about a non-answer. And by the way, we have no idea what this little Jesus of yours taught?
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wasn't well liked?
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I?m just doing the same as I was Friday. Technical support? ??
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Logic was not your good subject in school, was it?
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You see yourself as being special don't you? The unkown, unknowable transendent one has personally given you the unknowable transendent truth. Right?
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Hey it's ok to be a little odd, I'm odd

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