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Lesbian MPEG video recording
Lesbian MPEG video recording
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there are a lot of problems with this. I'll unpack some of them but I don't want this to go as long as the OP. the main problem boils down to unsupported assumptions, meaning you are claiming to know things you don't, and cant know.
Morg 08.08.2018
At least in some cases in the bible, "slavery" is used to refer to indentured servitude. This isn't a distinction between the type of work being done, but more about how much say someone had in ending up where they did. For me, there is a difference between those who've indentured themselves to pay a debt and someone who has been forced into chattel slavery completely apart from any choice they've made, but YMMV.
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Yeah, nope. It is a psalm about David.
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I hear you, and wish it were simpler. :)
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Haha I don't think that's impossible :)
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I'm describing computers.
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An irrelevant deflection as he has broken no laws, at least not while president, president elect or candidate.

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