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You can't manage to respect LGBTQ+ people or leave them alone. You think that you have the right to harass then in locker rooms, which you don't.

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Kagasho 28.03.2018
It happened both. I broke someone's heart and I broke mine too. I chose my dreams over my love.
Zulukasa 03.04.2018
No - it is called 'money'. I stated it was the same thing that would prevent you. Whether you wanted to or not. If you did, I seriously doubt you could finance it.
Arashitaxe 05.04.2018
Actually it is very correct.
Kejinn 11.04.2018
It won't make him any more prosecutable. He'll probably get a second term because demorats can't quit whining about Trump long enough to launch a campaign.
Vill 22.04.2018
You can't explain it either. You're not fooling anyone.
JoJoll 01.05.2018
The 2002 norms has done A LOT to correct the issues revealed in this report. But as a Catholic, I believe the Pope needs to appoint a Papal Legate. Not a Nuncio, but a Legate. Someone who is empowered to act IMMEDIATELY in place of the Pope when allegations against a bishop are found credible.

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