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Struggles Behind the Dish: Mackey Sasser

With the new addition to the family, as well as other unforeseen expenditures, I have not been able to buy many cards lately, which is okay.  My lack of funds has allowed me to go through my cards that have … Continue reading

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My Son’s First Player Collection: Thor

Without sharing too much information about my children (not that anyone would be interested), my son is named Thor.  As such, I collect Thor comic books, toys, and art that has anything to do with him, including (now) baseball cards. … Continue reading

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Catching some Friendly Fire from Jaybarker Fan

We watched in horror as Napoleon, I mean Jaybarkerfan declared war on Bob Walk the Plank.  Those of us who stood helplessly on the sidelines knew that this war would leave both armies depleted and, likely, inactive for a number … Continue reading

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Howling Hoyle and the Pop-Up Mets

Mr. Hoyle, widely recognized as one of the more generous traders around, recently sent me yet another stack of cards.  As has been the case in times past, he made sure and sent over a few vintage cards, along with … Continue reading

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Newest addition to my Player Collection: Travis d’Arnaud

I few weeks ago, I set a goal for myself: to add two current catchers to my player collection.  Today, I can announce that I have decided on one of those catchers that will be part of my player collection, Travis d’Arnaud. 2014 Topps … Continue reading

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Hope you like Leftovers

Maybe this has happened to you.  A blogger, follower, or fellow collector sends over a stack of cards, not a PWE, but a bubble mailer with an actual stack.  During all of the excitement and surprises, you begin to formulate … Continue reading

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Fun with Jaybarkerfan: Part 3

I have certainly saved the best for last. Wes paid special attention to what I collect, not just by sending Mets cards (one of my favorite teams) but by sending cards of my favorite players and position: catchers. To start … Continue reading

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