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From the data anyway. Islam grows only because it's not being challenged very hard by secular voices. Christianity and Judaism on the other hand have only gotten weaker. They are not equipped to survive well on the internet where we can do fact checks.

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Navigation striped shower curtains
Navigation striped shower curtains
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Zololrajas 05.03.2018
Yes, because they couldn't present evidence.
JoJolkis 15.03.2018
At one time McCain was a war hero and an effective senator. Like most politicians, he stayed in Washington DC way past his effectiveness.
Samukora 24.03.2018
In this country we have something called the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees a religious person their constitutional right to adhere to and practice their religion. The government cannot create laws that get in the way of that...that is what is being argued at this time. If it were an open and shut case we wouldn't be hearing about it anymore, since it is a complicated issue we are still trying to figure out how to address the issue without it affecting the constitution which is the centerpiece of the argument and NOT civil rights as many are trying to claim.
Voodoot 26.03.2018
If I linked them all would you apologize or attempt to pick them apart?
Kazigul 31.03.2018
Top of my head!
Kesho 08.04.2018
Ok,yeh that won't hurt,we must control these kids mate.????????
Fenrigis 11.04.2018
You are a beautiful redheaded woman, that automatically makes you wiser!!

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