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Tommy slowly took off his clothes very sensually, not breaking eye contact with Brunie. "Are you ready?" Tommy said to his horny, waiting brother.

"Come over here sexy boy!" Brunie said as his brother leaped on top of his naked body. First Tommy started sucking his young brothers dick and Brunie was like "Oh ya!".

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Not the Democratic party, the Dixiecrats that were like Republicans, racists.

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Big ass and loaded from TOOTED Ass
Big ass and loaded from TOOTED Ass
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Bacage 14.03.2018
Fun fact: Nostradamus has given precisely one exact date in just one of his prophecies - his own death.
Nibei 19.03.2018
They were not carbon dating the ashes.
Magore 21.03.2018
I am also a woman, that has live all over the country and has traveled all over the world. I have observed the differences in culture here within our own country and abroad and that experience has taught me that my behavior has a huge influence on how people treat me. Because I don't degrade myself by going around dressed like a whore, people treat me with respect, both men and women. How you dress and how you behave dictates how people will treat you. I cannot imagine how this phenomenon has escaped your notice. You want to make this issue a clear case of right and wrong and foist all responsibility on me, but that is pretty naive. Do a little cultural experiment this week, dress and behave differently and see if those things don't change how you are perceived and treated, then tell me I am wrong.

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