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Yes. Smash like Hulk's need for kitty. Throw complicated stuff out the window. Geebus. All these equations and conspiwacy theories and sh!t, am i rite?

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Nikokinos 23.03.2018
Either that or I might believe in ghosts! Even though I believe she saw something, I'm still a skeptic. Could have been her imagination and the description was so generic that it could fit for just about anyone... IDK, honestly...
Duzahn 30.03.2018
Where is IndyThought? Oh where oh where can he be?
Akinogis 04.04.2018
Very little, I believe I was responding to a responder.
Goltiktilar 11.04.2018
I've never seen anyone do anything crazy, just different ?? lol
Yozshugrel 21.04.2018
Despite my disagreements with Obama on some issues, the political realities make ?taking up? for the Obama?s of the world a safe activity.
Tozil 30.04.2018
OK. You're doing more trolling. You apparently don't consider carcinogens in our water and food supply to be a problem. Pathetic.
Gardami 11.05.2018
oh no she di'ant????
Basida 20.05.2018
I am well aware of the arguments that Christians use to explain the passages concerning slavery in the bible. I have read what the Jews, themselves say about slavery, indentured servitude, Israelite slaves, female slaves, selling your daughter into sexual slavery, who can be purchased as a slave and how slaves are to be treated. I have read ALL of that, but my point always comes back to what the bible actually says because the bible, as written, is either the word of god, or it is not. If it has to be interpreted, then it becomes useless, because it then devolves into a war of interpretations, with mine being every bit as good as yours. If it is necessary to resort to apologetics, the argument is lost, because from that point on, it is just opinion.
Shaktikus 25.05.2018
urw= you are welcome
Julmaran 30.05.2018
I getting quite a few of gifs and pics

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