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Opposing the freedom of religion?

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The dominance of women discipline
The dominance of women discipline
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Arashizragore 30.03.2018
The definitions used by atheists to define themselves (which includes the word "God") are just as confusing and ambiguous as those used by religious folks.
Narisar 04.04.2018
GOD is not looking for believers. GOD wants HIS children to KNOW HIM.
Maugor 10.04.2018
science would not deem it impossible as good scientists do not insert certainty into gaps of knowledge. that is the province of religion
Mujind 10.04.2018
Lol, this gif
Sagis 14.04.2018
I can tell how much the President was "reeling" when he stuck his foot all the way up the asses of the democrat party and their worthless stooges in the dishonest media at the West Virginia rally the other night,
Dami 25.04.2018
I vote for rolling joints on birthdays!
Gugrel 27.04.2018
Well you're a sweet lady with something I'm about and I'm not letting anyone disrespect that
Arami 30.04.2018
Tweeting to the white supremacists in his base that he will have the SOS "look into it" is a clear statement that he already believes the lies from Afrikaner white supremacists.

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