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So what is your problem with those charges? The drunk verbally attacked a women based on racial prejudice/bias... should he not be charged? If I aggressively and threateningly verbally attacked you in a public space simply because you were wearing a Jesus t-shirt you shouldn't have the right to press charges?

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Faegor 15.03.2018
why didn't jesus call them back to explain it in more detail?
Gazshura 20.03.2018
Relying on information given in exchange for a plea deal is just about as reliable as a person being tortured. Eventually they figure out what you want to hear and tell you exactly that.
Fenrit 21.03.2018
Write a complete sentence to clearly get your point across.
Kazilkree 26.03.2018
false. Per SCOTUS, they are equal; however, SCOTUS also says that "religious rights" must be reasonable. IE: To say my religious rights says I need to kill my daughter because of "honor killing" is NOT reasonable.
JoJorr 30.03.2018
Religious boy is back. Religion is dead. It has become a spiritual store front, a money-minded business. A hypocrite hotel. Dead religion filled with self-righteous cowboys.
Brabei 06.04.2018
?? Several days ago there was.
Mezragore 12.04.2018
True love of course, sticks around past the initial super rush of excitement every time you see that person. But some signs I've found that you're on that path are: going out of your way to be in their path. Staying up all night talking. Overusing every "inside joke" you create together. Smiling like an idiot when they enter your mind, which is all the time. Obsessing over whether you, your home, your car, look good enough to be in their presence. Immersing yourself in something you've never been interested in because it's something THEY like, and you want to be familiar with it. Stuff like that ??
Musida 21.04.2018
How old is everyone here?
Moogurr 25.04.2018
In order for it to be a congregation, there needs to be worship. To whole or what are we worshiping? Where did I say "believe"?
Gukasa 29.04.2018
My mom says that's what they do too. It would make sense for them to go in human form.

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