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Trump was an ass towards McCain to the bitter end, not even mentioning his name when signing the bill that was named in his honor as McCain lay on his deathbed. The man is cruel.

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Fool people smoke marijuana
Fool people smoke marijuana
Fool people smoke marijuana
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Kazrarr 19.06.2018
Not talking "prohibited activity."
Dajind 28.06.2018
maybe his wealth in friendships?
Mezijora 02.07.2018
"And just to clarify, it does happen in the judo Christian framework"
Dazragore 08.07.2018
Turned?? Never.. Go the filth... :-))
Doll 12.07.2018
Maybe a little :p
Zololl 14.07.2018
You are right, "ask" is a bad word, they don't leave me much of a choice... :)
Mezijin 19.07.2018
she's got it going around in circles :) LOL!!!!

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