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Yeah, Stevens had the goods on Hillary shipping stinger missiles to Al Nusra (the group that routinely beheaded teenagers). When he objected, he was set up by the state department to be assassinated. Kinda like how Democrat president Lyndon Johnson set JFK up to be gunned down.

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Free Index tights Access Denied
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Kazile 30.03.2018
Never said they were. Doesn?t mean crimes weren?t committed.
Samujora 01.04.2018
So? tear it down it scares me so much we have to put cameras on it so the children will feel safe. der de der
Fauzil 11.04.2018
The reason Marx/Lenin called religion an opiate is because as a philosophy Christianity explicitly opposed the notion of violent revolution, and told folks to support their government, to be patient, forgiving, long suffering, faithful. Marx and Lenin were trying to sell the idea of seizing power via violent revolution and they had to blow off Christianity.
Vudoktilar 18.04.2018
All good... I already got her with it ??????
Nalabar 26.04.2018
Dang. That is harsh.
Dazshura 26.04.2018
About gender dysphoria?
Dur 01.05.2018
Are snowflakes designed?
Kazikazahn 05.05.2018
You missed the joke. Its OK.

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