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When I see the phrase, "keeping your knees together", I know I am dealing with a man who sees women as second class.

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Kajigore 20.03.2018
Naa....ya don't get to do what they did to Reagan...make the DACA deal and "promise" border security - which we know 12 + million illegals later NEVER HAPPENED
Molabar 22.03.2018
Why yes, actually. We know that the tree makes sound. A tree falls anywhere else, it still makes sound.
Vur 26.03.2018
I assumed you were aware that science only measures the natural world and is therefore incapable of ruling out the supernatural realm, even in principle.
Shaktigul 30.03.2018
You can insult me all you want, and you can issue all the meaningless threats you like. It won't make your claims more true, and it won't make me afraid of the imaginary threat that terrorized you so effectively.
Tojora 01.04.2018
If the child asks you tell the truth. Their parents being liars is the parents problem.
Akikus 10.04.2018
Bad and forbidden
Jukus 12.04.2018
Not to mention that the bible is almost impossible to read, being, perhaps, the most poorly written text ever. Genesis is one of the easier ones.
Kazimuro 20.04.2018
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