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I've noticed he has slowly waned on that because of debates. I would have to find the quote but he said something like "He may be an atheist but functionally lives life like a Christian." Something to that tune; it does seem some where between deism and atheism.

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Who is going to spank me
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Melmaran 25.05.2018
Lowest unemployment in decades and you still cant give him credit. That is what we call partisan.
Fegis 30.05.2018
I bet your glad it's Friday, last day of school for the week.
Akiktilar 06.06.2018
Most atheists think hell will be full of wishful thinking.
Muzshura 11.06.2018
God was the same. People were different. It may say something that you do not realize this has been the orthodox position for centuries and find it shocking.
Tum 18.06.2018
Trump talks about impeachment more than 'those two' do
Faegore 19.06.2018
Those Pennsylvania floods drowned the wrong people.
Goltijora 26.06.2018
Weirdly, every Christian has a similar way of knowing that their contradictory conclusions are totally the real deal.
Faerr 01.07.2018
So you recall specifically in that OP that Gehennah didn't oppose?
Sagami 05.07.2018

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