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We already knew other Christians were deluded too. Yawn.

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Two girls two double dildos
Two girls two double dildos
Two girls two double dildos
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Sakazahn 10.03.2018
Pls don't do that
Dakasa 16.03.2018
You post this a lot. Do you realize you are saying that people will not care about the law, truth, justice, or any principle America stands for if you pay them?
Dabei 23.03.2018
It would give one more to whine about - and THEN die. LOL
Tauzahn 02.04.2018
Nice, I didn't know you were a blonde.. :-))
Dailkis 11.04.2018
I'm going to bed now. Good night sweet angel
Gull 20.04.2018
Social media sites have enormous power these days. I'm not sure they shouldn't be held to a higher standard than we have previously considered. Didn't I read about facebook deleting accounts on our government and the Israeli government's request the other day?
Arazilkree 26.04.2018
It's all people care about. Russian collusion? Meh. Pedophiles in churches? So passe...

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