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Miami Hurricanes fan hairy Hairy
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Doukus 24.07.2018
Even if you claim to be reading the bible "literally", what you're really doing is *interpreting* what you read -- and as over 40,000 different denominations attest, not everyone is going to have the same interpretation, even about "literal" passages in the bible.
Zulunris 03.08.2018
You're just stirring a little mischief with me.
Kigagal 13.08.2018
So, explain why you link this OP to talk of pedophilia which isn't mentioned? And, remember, most of the abuse cases were not pedophilia.
Vigami 19.08.2018
What they are engaging in is not "science" as is does not utilize the scientific principals and methods required. How sad it is that you view being honest and factual an "attack" on your sources.
Kazramuro 23.08.2018
I'll write an article to refute your theory.
Aralrajas 26.08.2018
Completely incorrect on your part.
Faujora 29.08.2018
It actually does say it.
Mejinn 04.09.2018
Also, I understand that your selected deity already knows precisely what you'd like. I'm pretty sure there are some bible verses that suggest that.
Maladal 11.09.2018
Yeah, i wonder who's gonna pick it up. I noticed 'Mike' has upvoted one of my silly 888 Chaz comments... hahahaha classic... :-))

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