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1. Are you saying that stars formed in the universe before light did? Because my rudimentary knowledge of the BBT disagrees? Plus, its an allegory for the order of creation where man sits at the top.

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Taukree 21.06.2018
How about you, truth or dare
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speak for thyself
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Is it the dolphin GIF they had on the quiz site???
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I am at least as honest as you are.
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And I think that's what slomag was saying. I didn't get from his comment that only Republicans like it or something...
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ME!!! I had a great weekend!!!
Voodootilar 17.07.2018
...especially the white walkers. Kill them all and burn the bodies
Mejar 19.07.2018
He made the request long ago and such a classy move. His family won't be disappointed. Obama is a great speaker.

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