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"Triggering" refers to PTSD. I don't know how you think you can diagnose someone with Borderline Personality Disorder by looking at a photo but I don't think that's something to mock either, as you just said yourself. Anyway have fun traumatizing people, sorry your life isn't more fulfilling.

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Drunk girls being butt fucked
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"If illegals voted for conservatives, you would be able to see the border wall from space!!"
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Yup and a somewhat acclaimed one at that. I know fans of the book absolutely hate the films with a burning passion. Apparently it turned a well written, thoughtful and insightful book into a cartoon that has little in common with the source material.
JoJoran 15.07.2018
A priest once told me "leaven was dirt". I don't think you can wait for the yeast in the air to leaven the bread... but there's more than enough microbes in dirt.
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You can sell Satin, others can sell Satanic cakes.
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Sorry, I'll correct it. Thank you.
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And how is it that we make it seem like a blueprint? There must be a basis for doing so.

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