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The scumbag left his ?murdercountry? and skittered across our border and murdered one of our citizens. No thanks. They need to stay in their motherlands and force change. No change will ever happen by these people running away. We do not want them. To come here, they need to go thru the proper channels so we know who?s here.

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Anne Ashley naked
Anne Ashley naked
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Daramar 24.03.2018
I do too, i ninja text
Mikajar 26.03.2018
OK, I understand your point, thank you for sharing it.
Mikamuro 03.04.2018
A person could be totally responsible in every way with their weapon and not own it legally. Always lock it away when not in use, with the trigger lock in place and the ammo stored separately. Never leave it out and loaded around the house or in the car. Not own one that doesn't have a proper mechanical safety. Etc Etc. They would be criminals for owning it. But they would not be irresponsible with their behaviours with the weapon.
Salrajas 11.04.2018
I've never been to their annual meetings, either, but you'd better believe I am one of the millions that support the rights that the NRA protects and defends.
Kik 20.04.2018
He has a RIGHT to do that and lets face it , Sessions should NOT have recused...he was NOT mandated to do so

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