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I completely agree. Also, I think that humans are not evolved to deal well with social media. It?s a less than genuine form of interaction where people curate their image and where the things they say are recorded forever. A far cry from the social and personal interactions that humans have adapted to be good at and to find rewarding.

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Mugor 09.03.2018
Nope. I'm not the one whining about a mean troll. Who isn't a troll, just somebody who prefers fact to bullshit.
Gardagore 10.03.2018
Made up term you bought into. Deep State, MSM, Fake News, TDS.... all made up. Stay away from country fairs and magic beans...
Neran 16.03.2018
Well, everyone is ignorant of something until they?re told about it. You?re in the position to tell, so I?m inquiring. Just saying you know doesn?t convince me, and you didn?t answer a single one of my questions. For someone charged with spreading the good news, you seem reluctant to engage with someone who doesn?t share your divine wisdom.
Faeshicage 26.03.2018
Trumpy and the Trumpettes somehow still don't think that Trump is the "government" or the "feds". He's still just a good ol' businessman to all of them.
Yosho 04.04.2018
Another Catholic women's shelter in that same city in Alaska does not ask what gender they are.
Vuhn 07.04.2018
It happened on the day he was settling his other case. This was not a coincidence; they are targeting him because the first lawsuit didn't work.
Faemi 09.04.2018
For a delusional person who thinks they are Napolean, his perception of reality proves his delusion. The trial and error of his life proves his delusion to him.
Mashicage 14.04.2018
but he's OUR jerk!
Akinor 23.04.2018
Ok, you?ve lost all credibility then. Lifes hard for people like you, wear a helmet. Good luck out there.

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