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First and last is a term that God specifically refers to Himself as, multiple times, in the OT:

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Sexy happy new year wallpaper
Sexy happy new year wallpaper
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Gugul 08.04.2018
Mrs. Monkey and her lady friends insist whoever designed the birth canal was an idiot of fool with a severe lack of engineering knowledge. I told her it's the price she pays for being a member of a group that doesn't walk on their knuckles. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.
Shaktirn 18.04.2018
In which case the event has not been established as fact--agreed?
Vojind 24.04.2018
And yet there are also Christians who, every day, turn away from the faith.
Mezit 03.05.2018
Pretty much is what I said :P
Shakataxe 12.05.2018
Paul was called to bring the Message to the gentiles. It is obvious that there would be differences. The Jewish had their rules. The gentiles did not have those rules. Whether eating pork or circumcision Jews followed tradition. The gentiles had the teachings of Jesus not the rules of the Jewish.
Goltimuro 15.05.2018
I will say this, though. Intelligent design advocates start out with a destination, from the beginning, determined by their religious faith, call to it all evidence, real and imagined, that they think will get them to that predetermined destination, and generally seem to ignore all evidence that would call it into question, as is the case here. Science does not work that way, religion does.
Gardall 23.05.2018
But that isn't in the bible. The early church was led by the holy spirit. I don't think that you have the holy spirit.
Nikojar 27.05.2018
You in my minds eye are forever knock out gorgeous

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