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Ot:s hard to argue 9th faith, and I see no need to...unless 'they' insist their truth is above mine. Then, the fun of the debate begins...

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Shaktijin 03.08.2018
I see you are getting lost....or just deflecting, let me refresh your memory on where the conversation began:
Fenrikora 05.08.2018
not much to expand on. The press is allowed to write about scandals. The press may investigate to find out if there is a scandal. The press can even surmise that a scandal exists without hard evidence and write about possible scandals.
Kagakora 07.08.2018
Maybe they were created so Adam, Eve, and their children wouldn't have to engage in incest when being fruitful. They were then cast aside as not being of the proper social class.
Moogurisar 09.08.2018
Well, we're supposed to have mechanisms to enforce child support. But leaving that aside, you seem to be under the impression that life is always supposed to be easy.
Mozilkree 12.08.2018
In their defense, most democrat sheeple have falling for the soft socialism lie. "Roads are socialism" and stupid crap like that. What they don't understand is that once you accept any socialism your individual freedoms go bye bye.
Vilkis 17.08.2018
Where you go...?

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