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As an atheist I don't really care.

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Nemi 16.03.2018
Hard pass on trying to trap a foo?. If she had played it right I might even have considered it...nah....just kidding ??????
Tagul 19.03.2018
Regardless Debra, the SCOTUS has to make a determination when Rights conflict with others.
Zuluktilar 21.03.2018
Yes, I know what it means and agree that it's a destructive belief. I'm not sure what your point is though?
Akigar 29.03.2018
I imagine what it was like for Noah's family to walk off the Ark.
Takus 31.03.2018
So they aren?t?
Meztigore 06.04.2018
Lol!... It's just an expression...I was gagging about what that jerk told you. He does sound selfish.
Mikagis 14.04.2018
No really, since it wasn't a list, but merely a few illustrations. :) Here's what I just wrote to someone on another thread, however, adding info about Jesus there, to what I pasted for him from my post to you here. (I think I just confused myself.)
Kazikazahn 24.04.2018
Because you view your grandparents, parents and yourself as nothing but sperm donors. No reason for any of you or your kids to be here.

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