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Well, if I were to disregard the consequences (such as conscience, big picture and legal stuff) I'd probably just steal some money and maybe set my faculty building on fire.

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Vudoktilar 06.03.2018
Give me the whole thing in context then I'll make up my mind. The only thing you actually quoted is "real problems". Amateur tactic but often effective.
Arazil 09.03.2018
1 sec closer but still 1.5 sec off, right ??
Visho 19.03.2018
That doesn't really address my comment.
Akinozahn 22.03.2018
One word to describe james
Taugore 30.03.2018
Wow, thanks. Thank you for stopping by Jae Girl
Tojakora 04.04.2018
Just thought it would make interesting reading that both the camaro and the Mustang have same kW but the camaro has 60nm more torque, and 0.3 secs quicker zero to 60mph
Arashibei 11.04.2018
Dude this guy is one of the hardest working person that's probably ever taken office ! Hilliary passed out trying to keep pace with this guy he goes non stop !! So if you want to believe your other Bull Sh#t you can't take his work ethic away from him. He would run circles around Obama !! He already showed that on the campaign staff in thier 20s called him a fking machine !

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