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If God wanted to keep humans curious what better idea could there be than creating this vast universe. What better proof can there be of God's magnificence than this wonderful universe. Human reason has its benefits and it has its boundaries and limitations. The fact that humans (most of them) have a sense of the numinous is the miracle that has ensured the survival of humanity.

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Cute brunette gets His French Plumber
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Shakajin 23.05.2018
God made us like that?. There's no evidence for creationism.
Faelar 02.06.2018
If I liked you, I might try. As it is, I'll just let you waste your life praying to your imaginary friend.
Mikakinos 09.06.2018
Hey ya....I think that was my thought about people are still ritualistic despite our modern life.
Zulkile 15.06.2018
You are a fool who masks himself as an American.
Taugis 16.06.2018
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