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Zulubei 30.03.2018
So how many guns did the shooting.
Kizuru 07.04.2018
Josephus is hardly an historical account. Most of the reference to Jesus is a forgery.
Shaktizil 12.04.2018
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JoJojinn 17.04.2018
I know i do, i would love a woman to ride the hell out of me
Faegis 26.04.2018
Glad to hear that
Tojasho 27.04.2018
You missed the point. I don't find it a myth that both the big band and theory of evolution closely align with the writers of the OT - they just got it close without science. I wonder how?
Karamar 05.05.2018
You really think we need MORE convincing on this??
Vuk 13.05.2018
Good thing he didn't shout Allahu Akhbar.
Tora 22.05.2018
but your housing is a form of socialism. No way to get around that.

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