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Hmmm... The holy underwear might be a game-changer.

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Bisexual yin equality
Bisexual yin equality
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Sasho 10.05.2018
"The religion they happen to be born into, has exactly nothing to do with it." --- If a religion is used as an aid in recruiting people to do violence, then religion has something to do with it.
Zulkigrel 15.05.2018
Very stupid of you to think that because I know better than you do, that I watch Fox News. Sorry, old boy, I don not watch any TV news, and I visit conservative news websites even less! LOL! Before opening your trap you should know the subject -- and YOU don't! LOL!
Dushicage 20.05.2018
No, its an argument from evidence. The cells have real machines and PC codes that follow design engineering principles. Why do you think there are scores of appearance of design quotes on cosmology and biology?
Moogugami 21.05.2018
I don't know probably thermodynamics or some dookie like that
Kagar 31.05.2018
He thinks his friend is wrong and dangerous. I think you're wrong and, because you're okay with anti-vaxers, you're dangerous I'm arguing with you.
Aragar 05.06.2018
You can put the 'irreducible complexity' argument back in Behe's pocket.
Arashikinos 13.06.2018
Nah... it sounded mean when I read it ??????.
Nigor 23.06.2018
a totally whack job.

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