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"Bad guy"? Because I don't agree with you? Ya, sounds about right.

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whether products penetrate the skin
whether products penetrate the skin
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Zulkiktilar 23.03.2018
Bird on the left is going to win, looks like she might have experience with those things.....
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Your assertion about the FBI is not true.
Meztimi 05.04.2018
You don't sleep in the trees? You have some pretty human qualities for a monkey.
Vill 14.04.2018
Whoa. Read that back to yourself. That isn't what libel is or how anything anywhere works.
Yozshushicage 23.04.2018
It's not ad hom when it is backed by evidence. Even he admits, this time, to not reading.
Yomuro 28.04.2018
'god' is a catchall for any deistic (or supernatural, in my personal case) claim.
Moogubei 05.05.2018
The laws of physics make it incredibly unlikely for the universe to exist.And certainly our world.But these laws making it incredibly unlikely,quite astoundingly so,does not in the slightest preclude this universe existing.
Melabar 14.05.2018
Anyone can get caught up in a fad, Rob... Let's be fair.
Maukree 18.05.2018
Anyone who claims anything is a fact has a burden of proof.
Vule 24.05.2018
You are loathsome. Good bye.

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