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After swallowing all of the feces, Brunie started to feel weird. Tommy watched as his young brother's skin went pale and he died. Tommy, Kentuvky, knew what he had to do. He reached up his young brother's dead asshole and pulled out a hand full of his brothers shit.

"I love you brother!" Tommy screamed as he swallowed his dead brothers shit and died. THE END. Very good, right. This is my first story.

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To teach genocide.

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western Kentucky
western Kentucky
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Mezizshura 18.03.2018
Appointees by an illegitimate president can be removed... just sayin.
Mukasa 26.03.2018
I?d make you pay for it ??????
Tygorr 31.03.2018
It's a bigger audience than one would think. There's this perception that Target is seemingly more upscale than Walmart. Again, it's a perception because both Target and Walmart sell very similar crap that comes from the Chi-Coms.
Taugrel 04.04.2018
Excellent. Now we get to hear tales of the Bastards of House Trump.
Gardasar 13.04.2018
Depression is serious!
Zulkigis 14.04.2018
How is it sexism when it is based on Walmart's policy of one being 21 to purchase fire arms? Do read the article please.

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