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Goltisho 28.03.2018
But who will repopulate after the zombie apocolips
Dazahn 31.03.2018
I think you could do it :)
Zulkira 04.04.2018
I'll bet you thought that made sense when you wrote it.
Dill 12.04.2018
So, you would argue, with respect to religious folks or others who argue it is reasonable to surmise that our Universe is a function (that is, that it was created), like every single other physical thing that science has studied, that they could be right?
Tokora 13.04.2018
NO -- SCOTUS did *not* side with discrimination, not at all!
Nikorisar 23.04.2018
Nope. The message is eternal. Customs may have changed, showing respect for them has not. Take slavery as an example. While the Bible may not prohibit slavery it calls on both owner and slave to respect one another. It also said those with much should have compassion for those with little. That is timeless advice.
JoJora 28.04.2018
No, that's not what the recent SCOTUS ruling was at all. They *only* determined that the Colorado State Commission had not treated his lower court case with impartiality. That's IT.

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